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At Birdsprees, we understand that parrots are not just pets but intelligent and emotional companions that require stimulation to thrive. Serving parrot enthusiasts across Southeast Asia, our collection of toys for parrots is designed to combat boredom and promote a healthy mental and physical state.



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Why Toys Are Essential for Parrot Wellbeing

Parrots possess a remarkable intelligence that, without proper stimulation, can lead them into behavioral issues such as feather picking due to boredom or frustration. Our parrot bird toys are more than just entertainment; they are crucial for your bird's cognitive development and emotional health.

  • Combat Boredom: Keep your parrot engaged and mentally sharp.

  • Encourage Natural Behavior: Toys mimic the natural activities they would engage in the wild, such as foraging, solving puzzles, and physical play.

  • Prevent Behavioral Problems: Regular playtime reduces stress and negative behaviors.

Diverse Range of Toys Tailored to Every Parrot's Play Style

Our selection of parrot toys includes options for every personality:

  • Chewers: For parrots who love to gnaw, our destructible toys satisfy their natural instinct to chew, providing a safe outlet for their energy.

  • Thinkers: Interactive and puzzle toys to challenge their intelligence and enhance problem-solving skills.

  • Movers: Hanging toys and swings to encourage movement and exercise, keeping them fit and entertained.

  • Listeners: Toys that produce sounds when interacted with, appealing to parrots who are auditory learners and enjoy musical or noise-making toys.

What Sets Our Parrot Toys Apart?

  • Quality and Safety: Each toy is made from safe, non-toxic materials, ensuring they can withstand vigorous play.

  • Variety: From parakeet toys to robust parrot playthings, we cater to all sizes and preferences.

  • Locally Inspired: Incorporating materials and designs inspired by Southeast Asian culture, our toys also reflect the local flair of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Your Trusted Parrot Store

Birdsprees isn’t just a store; it's a community where parrot lovers can find everything they need under one roof—bird parrot toys, food, accessories, and expert advice are all just a click away. Discover what delights your feathered friends and provide them with the tools to live a happy, active life.

Customer Insights and Testimonials

Over the years, feedback from our customers across Southeast Asia has helped us refine our offerings to best suit the needs of various parrot species. From the bustling streets of Singapore to the quiet homes in Malaysia and vibrant communities in Indonesia, our toys have brought joy and relief to many parrot families.

Explore our collection today and see the difference in your parrot's mood and health. At Birdsprees, we are committed to enriching the lives of parrots and their owners alike with the best products and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are pellets good for parrots?

    Yes, pellets are an excellent dietary choice for parrots, providing a balanced nutrition in every bite. They are formulated to contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals, helping prevent nutritional deficiencies common with seed-only diets.

  • What is the best brand of parrot pellets?

    While we don't promote specific brands, we recommend choosing pellets from reputable manufacturers that specialize in avian nutrition. Look for brands that use high-quality ingredients and avoid artificial colors and preservatives.

  • What are bird pellets?

    Bird pellets are a type of formulated diet for birds, including parrots. They are made to offer a complete balanced nutrition in a compact form and are composed of grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and added vitamins and minerals.


  • How to make your parrot eat pellets?

    Introducing pellets to a parrot's diet can be challenging. Start by mixing pellets with their current food, gradually increasing the pellet ratio. It can also help to crush the pellets into smaller pieces or moisten them initially to make them more appealing.


  • What types of toys are available for parrots at Birdsprees?

    At Birdsprees, we offer a wide range of toys including chewable toys, puzzle toys, hanging toys, and musical toys, each designed to meet the various play preferences and needs of parrots.


  • How do I choose the right toys for my parrot?

    Consider your parrot's personality and play habits. If they enjoy destruction, opt for chewable toys; if they're thinkers, try puzzles. Also, observe what they naturally gravitate towards in their environment.


  • Can toys help prevent behavioral issues in parrots?

    Absolutely! Toys provide mental stimulation and physical activity, which can significantly reduce common behavioral problems such as aggression and feather picking

  • How often should I replace my parrot's toys?

    It depends on how quickly your parrot goes through them. Always replace toys when they become worn out or broken to avoid potential hazards. Offering a rotation of different toys can also keep the playtime engaging and safe.