Are you ready to own a parrot?

We gaze in awe at how beautifully nature has created them - Parrots of all shapes, colours, sizes, talents, and each full of personality!


We give them names, food, water and play with them. Many expect to gain happiness and joy, but many forget about them when they get busy. 


The important question to ask yourself is: Do you want to give them a live a long, healthy and happy life? What many do not know is that parrots can live very VERY long lives and this can be extended with better care. Some parents purchase them for their kids as a plaything, while others see the cute side of them on Instagram or others think of them ornaments - not knowing the downsides and how much effort it takes.


We have seen owners who leave parrots in cages with heaps of seeds in auto feeders with dirty water for days without much time out of cage. It’s a sad sight. 

Even so, tries his best to survive. Although lacking lustre, with self mutilation, overgrown beak and nails, he still hopes to gain some attention with his whistles.


What went wrong? What do they need thrive and live a good life? Often, it's an impulsive purchase without doing proper research and thinking long-term - leading to many parrots leading short lives or needing to be re-homed.


Nowadays, it is easy to find help and resources online with a simple search. Here's a general idea:

  • They need a clean and hygienic environment - changing liners, water and food daily and cleaning thoroughly weekly. We use F10 to disinfect.
  • Suitable variety of nutritious healthy balance diet - including fresh vegetables and pellets instead of just seed which is really fatty as they do not get as much exercise as wild birds.
  • Conducive environment away from harm - Think: what's the largest cage you can afford? "Normal" things in the house: Fans, cords, cooking fumes, candles all can harm them. 
  • Time out of the cage to socialise and exercise - at least 4 hours a day
  • Lots of toys to keep them entertained while you are away, enabling them to view the outdoors / listen to the radio/TV while you're away
  • Appropriate Grooming of beak and nails - personally not a fan although necessary because they will scream their heads off. Lots of toys and pedicure perches help! Also things like mineral blocks and cuttlebones.
  • Vet care when needed - it's always important to have some blood stop powder or cornstarch to stop bleeding quickly first!


Here at Birdsprees, parrots are family. We aim to always provide the best to you and your fids!! For those who are thinking of getting your first parakeet/parrot, do lots of research before the purchase - some say it's similar to having a 3 year old kid who never grows up! You can always contact us for any questions or advise.








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