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Sweet Feet and Beak

Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Pumice Perch

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*Please let us know if your cage grids are vertical or horizontal as these are primarily for horizontal bars 

Smart bird perch design features real pumice on the sides to trim claws and condition beaks. The textured plastic base your bird stands on has irregular shapes to massage feet. Diameter varies, too, like a real tree branch. Plastic mounting hardware included. Assorted colors. Unlike heavier cement perches, this perch features a lightweight plastic base. Even the plastic attachment hardware is easy to use and difficult for your bird to destroy. Pumice coating on sides is considered safer than sand perches. Nontoxic and safe for your bird.



X-Small (6" x 0.5" diameter) - Ideal for Budgies and Lovebirds, and similar sized birds

Small (8" x 1" diameter) - Ideal for Cockatiels, small Conures, and similar sized birds

Medium (9.5" x 1.5" diameter) - Ideal for Pionus and Lories and similar sized birds

Large (12" x 1.25" diameter) - Ideal for Greys, Amazons, and similar sized birds X-Large (14" x 2.25" diameter) - Ideal for large Cockatoos, Macaws and similar sized birds

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