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Perky Parrot

Perky Parrot Toys Triple Dip

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Boy will your parrot get a kick out of this ice cream-shaped toy. It’s made for a whole lot of chewing, dismantling and shredding fun. The ice cream “cone” is made from wicker that your birdy will love to nibble at over time, while the 3 scoops of “ice cream” are super shreddable with colorful confetti. Hide nuts or treats within the scoops of ice cream for extra foraging fun.

  • A shreddable delight
  • Appeals to your bird’s natural foraging instinct
  • Certified bird-safe by a licensed avian veterinarian
  • Shredding is such fun!
  • Toys that have shreddable materials are awesome for birds to get their destructive energy out in a fun way. Shreddable toys can help a lot with boredom, pent up energy, and can also potentially help self-pluckers to redirect their habit.

Foraging is awesome!
In the wild, parrots have to search for their food and figure out ways to get at it. Foraging toys like this one can keep your bird fascinated for hours, while also providing healthy mental and physical stimulation.

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