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Paradise Toys Paddle Wheel Forager

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Parrot can benefit from this advanced foraging device made of durable polycarbonate that can stand up to tough beaks. Birds learn to work for their food and learn new behaviors. Just Remove the top and insert food or treats. Parrots must spin the base which turns the paddles inside the device and when paddles turn, it moves the food/treats to the lower levels until reaching the bottom where it can be retrieved by your bird.



Turn the top wheel, which rotates the baffles, to release small treats in the tray below. Unscrew wingnut and fill top chamber with food Wing nut must be completely tightened - spins with bottom paddles Birds must continue turning the top wheel which rotates the baffles to release small portions of food in the recovery tray below Unit attaches to the cage with double post screw-on fittings



Measures 4.5" x 5" x 9". For Caiques, Senegals, Conures, Amazons and similar sized birds. We also found that smaller birds can use it too!


Video Credits - Kirsty's Foraging Channel on YouTube

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