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Nature's Instinct

Nature's Instinct Foragewise Rings of Fortune

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Satisfy your bird's daily need to search for food with the Foragewise Rings of Fortune for Birds. With this puzzle of compartmentalized rings, you can train your bird to spin and align the rings' open passages to retrieve and cherish a tasty reward. The colorful design adds fun to snack time and stimulates your winged pal for hours of healthy activity.


  • Parrot has to spin the rings, and treats will drop from one ring to the next by aligning the holes inside.


  • Foragewise Rings of Fortune promotes natural foraging behaviors in your bird.
  • Made from tough, chew-resistant polymer for durability.
  • Nickel-plated chain, quicklink and screws allow easy installation.
  • Contains no zinc and is dishwasher safe.


Measures 3.75" x 6". For Conures, Amazons and similar sized birds.

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