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Aspen Comfy Cross Perch

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Your bird will love the shapes, bright colors & feel of the Booda Comfy Perch. It is recommended for your bird to have different perching surfaces & levels in their environment along with color enrichment. These different perching surfaces help relieve cage stress, boredom & related feather picking. These bird perches contain no metal wires, are easy to install & will hold their shape forever. Recommended by bird breeders. Spot clean as needed.

  • Small - 0.625" diameter x 25" long - Ideal for Parakeets, Small Lovebirds, Small Parrotlets, Finches, Canaries and similar sized birds.

  • Medium - 0.875" diameter x 25" long - Ideal for Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Caiques, Meyers Parrots and similar sized birds.

  • Large - 1.25" diameter x 25" long - Ideal for Amazon Parrots, African Grey Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Pionus Parrots as well as Umbrella Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos, Blue and Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws and similar sized birds.
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