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Acrobird Toddler Playland

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If your bird has an objective of climbing to the top with lot's of space, the challenging Actrobird Playground beckons your bird to assist with fun built in. The Acrobird Playground has lots of space, generates lots of fun and excitement and can support two small birds. Stimulate the active and inquisitive nature of your parrots with similar personality characteristics with the multiple ladder arrangement. There are two vertical ladders with hardwood perches at the top, each has a food or water cup. The hardwood ladders have ribbed plastic rungs to provide a secure grip and withstand chewing. The Playland's offers your birds lots of exercise options in a mobile play area.


  • All of the Acrobird Playgyms are lightweight and easy to carry throughout the house. Adding the Acrobird Stand will convert this table top gym into a fun freestanding, mobile play area.
  • Laminated base for easy cleaning Wedge assembled, no glue 2” base molding to aid in retaining debris
  • Two food and water cups
  • Swing and climbing chain included
  • Easy to assemble


  • Small - 14" square base - Ideal for Parakeets, Loveirds and Parrotlets types species.
  • Medium - 18" square base - Ideal for Cockatiels, Green Cheeks and other small Conures.
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