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Paradise Toys The Percher
Paradise Toys The Percher

The innovative Caitec Percher offers a portable and novel way to keep bird training and companionship more rewarding. Clever, four-piece design allows use as a hand-held or free-standing perch perfect for training sessions or just hanging out. Create seven unique bird perches by assembling the pieces in the configuration that best suits your needs. The Percher is comprised of a textured perch, a protective cone, a grip handle and a decorative base. Universal perch accommodates birds of all sizes while protective cone catches bird droppings and keeps inquisitive beaks away when used in a hand-held configuration. The Percher boasts easy-to-clean plastic construction and simple, tool-free assembly.

Measures 8" diameter x 11.5" tall. Great perch for African Greys, Cockatiel, Conures, Parakeets, Senegals, Amazons, Lovebirds and other similar sized birds.

From : S$28.90

Product Code: PTTP

The PercherĀ® bird perch is a new and simple way to interact with birds while being protected from poop and bites. The Percher is a hand-held or free-standing device that allows a bird to perch and be trained.
Product Description
  • One product with six configurations, can be used hand-held or free-standing. It also gathers the waste, easy to clean, portable and compact.

    Benefits: (Human)

    • Not being bitten or pooped-on
    • Great for travel
    • Training tool

    Benefits: (Bird)

    • Out of the cage
    • In control
    • Get attention

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