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Nature's Instinct's Barrel of Fun
Nature's Instinct's Barrel of Fun

Your bird must unlock the chamber to expose the hidden treasures. Hide treats - fruit, nuts, etc. inside the chamber, close and turn to lock, hang in the cage and your parrot's instincts will soon take over. Made from durable polymer to withstand potential damage incurred from tough chewers The Barrel of Fun satisfies the daily need to search for food Promotes foraging and incorporates problem solving skills.

Measures 3.75" x 1.5" x 2.75". Ideal for Caiques, Amazons, Small Cockatoos and other similar sized birds.

From : S$23.40

Product Code: NIBOF

Fill the barrel with treats. Your pet have to twist and slide the barrel.
Precious with Barrel of Fun toy
Product Description
  • Natures Instinct foraging toys are appropriately named ForageWise - they build your birds brilliance! Each toy offers a unique and complex design, which encourages a bird’s natural instinct to forage for their food. Rather than hand your bird food in a bowl, load one of these unique toys with Polly’s favorite edible and watch instinct take over! Birds will spend hours occupying their natural need to forage while manipulating these colorful, resilient toys.

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