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Paradise Toys Foraging Wheel Generation II
Paradise Toys Foraging Wheel Generation II

Put your bird's problem-solving skills to the test whether you're home or away with this multi-chambered treat dispenser. Simply fill any of the five compartments with your bird's favorite treats and let the games begin. Front hub features six holes perfect for beaks and feet to turn the foraging wheel. Positive stops prevent free spinning so only one food chamber is accessible at a time. Durable, easy-clean polycarbonate toy withstands active daily play. Includes mounting attachments. Disassembles fully for cleaning. Green inner wheel, clear outer casing and attachment hardware.

Comes in 2 sizes:

X-Large (2" deep x 6" diameter) : $ 38.90
- Ideal for Amazons, Greys, Small Cockatoos and other similar sized birds.
Giant (2" deep x 8" diameter) : $ 69.90
- Ideal for larger Cockatoos, Macaws and other similar sized birds.

From : S$38.90

Product Code: FWG2


Wheel Foragers Bird Toy is an engaging second generation foraging wheel designed for added fun and extra creative challenge.
Product Description
  • Paradise Bird Toys has taken a fresh approach to enriching the lives of exotic birds and their human companions, implementing innovative ideas and technology to solve age old problems.

    Many of the behavioral problems birds experience are related to boredom. They are innately programmed to spend a large part of their day foraging for food. As a companion bird, they generally do not have to work for their calories and spend only seconds getting to the food dish and the rest of their time wondering what to do. Foraging toys gives your bird enrichment, and an environment that is filled with things to keep them busy.

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