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Clicker Training for Birds: Getting Started Kit
Clicker Training for Birds: Getting Started Kit

Clicker train your parrot prevents problem behaviors and correcting them with positive reinforcement. Clicker Training for Birds includes step-by-step instructions for training dozens of tricks and games, including vocal mimicry.

Each kit contains a 156 page book of complete training and care, i-Click, Target Stick and Sample Treats.

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Product Code: CTBK

Find our just how smart, affectionate, and fascinating birds can be, with clicker training by Melinda Johnson.
Product Description
  • This book is the bible on clicker training for birds, and a wonderful guide to bird behavior, care, feeding, and management, clicker-style. You'll gain an appreciation for how the wide range of parrot-related species differ, and why they need different nutrition and care. You'll learn how to use the clicker to teach your bird to be quiet, to enjoy being handled, and to be friendly to everyone in your household, not just one person. You'll learn how to teach the bird to enjoy bathing, toys, and petting�so you can train with many reinforcers, not just food. Author Melinda Johnson explains how to click your bird into cooperating with nail and beak trims and wing clipping; and you'll learn how to do those things safely and correctly. You'll find out how targeting and shaping can be used to safely defuse aggression and fear. With Melinda's tactful techniques you can even turn previously neglected or mishandled birds into loving pets. The author makes clear the reasons why punishing or trying to 'dominate' a bird are inappropriate techniques.

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