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The texture of pedicure perches stimulate epithelial cell growth of the soles of the feet and protects form bumblefoot. These perches also keep nails naturally trim and dull.
Pedicure perches are a vital part of any cage set up for pet birds. These perches are designed to keep nails trimmed naturally. Think of never needing to clip nails again with the worry of hitting the quick and making your bird bleed.
The roughness of these perches are also important in preventing bumblefoot leasions. The myth is that these perches cause feet problems. Quite the contrary, they can even treat and cure some mild cases of bumblefoot.
Pedicure perches need to placed as the highest perch in the cage. Your bird will sleep on the highest perch and the nails will stay trimmed naturally.
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Polly's Manu Mineral Perch Polly's Twister Perch Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Pumice Perch
Manu is a natural source of calcium and other mineral supplements. Varied gripping angles. Eliminates painful foot pressure points. New foot position with every stance. Featuring real pumice to trim nails and beaks.
Paradise Toys Sit & Groom Perch Polly's Tooty Fruity Perch Polly's Pastel Perch
Polly's Pastel Perch
From : S$17.20
Half the perch has a soft surface for perching, the other half has an abrasive finish which will trim sharp nails.  Easily installed In your birds cage. Made with pet safe materials. Mounting hardware included. Completely edible and nutritious perch that is made with real bee pollen and 100% natural calcium. Available in 3 different sizes.

Polly's Pastel Perches are designed to trim your birds nails in five days and they will stay trimmed forever.

Polly's Sand Walk Grooming Perch Polly's Sand Walk Orthopedic Perch
Polly's Sand Walk Grooming Perch is designed for the bird breed. Natural wood is used to make this nail trimming perch. A great nail trimming perch