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Stainless Steel Coop Cup - Hook Stainless Steel Coop Cup - Wingnut Clamp JW Seed Silo Bird Feeder
Easy to clean. Hook attaches securely to any wire cage. Safe to wash in dishwasher. Easy to clean. Wingnut clamp makes for quick and easy removal. Safe to wash in dishwasher. Reduces food spill in cage. Holds a large supply of food.
LIXIT GB-16 TUBE & STOPPER JW Cuttlebone Holder Lixit Quick Lock Seed Stick Holder
JW Cuttlebone Holder
From : S$11.90

Replacement tube and stopper for Lixit GB 16oz glass bottle

Designed to hold cuttlebone or millet spray in place and help prevent pieces of dust and fragments from falling out of the cage. Save money on treat sticks that break apart and fall to the cage floor only to get pooped on.
Caitec Seed Corral Feeder Tidy Seed No Mess Bird Feeder LIXIT GB16-PT HEAVY GLASS BOTTLE
Eliminate seed scatter and ease cleanup with this clear acrylic box feeder. Contains your bird's seeds, keeps the cage and your floor clean.