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Large range of pet parrot treats used in conjunction with taming, tricks training, to reinforce desirable behaviors, or simply offer your parrot a varied diet choice. Imagine eating the same food for weeks, months or years!
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Oven Fresh Bites Birdie Munchies Oven Fresh Bites Natural
There is a natural gourmet aroma of freshness, a nutritious semi crunchy texture associated with fresh baked food coming out of the oven. These nuggets/pellets favorably compare to food you might bake at home in your own kitchen, incorporating natural, local ingredients and slowly baking them to gourmet perfection. This nutritious parrot food is second to none! Irresistible prepared bird diet features tasty fruits, veggies, & nuts. Slow-baked crunch, delectable flavor, & outstanding nutrition. Complete balanced diet includes essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals.