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Super Bird Creations' Orbiter Paradise Toys Wreath Cotton Wesco's Bird Kabob Carnival Swing
For lovebirds, cockatiels and similar sized birds. A 100% cotton rope to give your bird a vibrant, festive outlet for pulling and preening. Ideal for chewing and shredding activity. Made with nutral yucca medallions and a quartered yucca log perch. Ideal for Parakeets, Conures and other similar sized birds.
Polly's Arch Swing Aspen Ring Swing
Polly's Arch Swing
From : S$27.30
Aspen Ring Swing
From : S$20.90
Perch trims bird's nails naturally. Includes a cotton rope for climbing and easy access to and fro perch. Made from a woven cable of soft cotton. Durable yet malleable to shape yourself. Soothe bird's feet while affording exercise opportunities.