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Untreated cotton rope is great to use for perches. It can be tossed in the washing machine for cleaning. Monitor it closely so the bird does not eat any of the strings or catch a toe in a frayed area.

Perch placementWhen placing perches, locate one by the food and water dishes, one by the toys, and the concrete perch elsewhere in the cage for grooming. Place the perches so they do not inhibit bird movement or cause damage to the feathers as the bird moves around the cage. Perches should be placed so the bird's tail will not touch the side of the cage when the bird is sitting on the perch. Avoid placing perches directly over food and water dishes.
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Paradise Toys Rope Twister Aspen Comfy Cross Perch Aspen Comfy Perch - Small (0.625" diameter)
Rigid cotton rope with stainless steel end caps is a good springy rope bungie for your bird. Customize your bird's perch with the Comfy Perch Cross. Bend and twist into unique forms that hold shape. Soothes your bird's tender talons. Bendable, twistable and comfortable!
Aspen Comfy Perch - Medium (0.875" diameter) Aspen Comfy Perch - Large (1" diameter)
Bendable, twistable and comfortable! Bendable, twistable and comfortable!