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Natural tree branches are better than the wooden dowels normally supplied when the cage is purchased. Because of the uneven shape of natural branches, the bird is not always putting pressure on the same part of the foot when he stands. Most fruit and nut trees are fine to use as are ash, elm, dogwood, and magnolia. Grapevines can also be tried. Cut the branches to fit the cage, scrub and clean them well with detergent, rinse, and dry in the sun. Check for insect egg pods and remove before placing the perch in the cage or the egg pods will hatch in the cage. It is recommended to heat natural branches for 45 minutes in a 200ยบ oven to kill any insects.
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Dragonwood's T-Perch Polly's Hardwood Perch Prevue Corner Shelf Platform Wood Perch
Dragonwood's T-Perch
From : S$14.50
Natural dragonwood perches condition and soften feet and trim nails and beaks. Space-saving multipurpose wooden corner shelf for bird cages. Handy cage accessory great for birds to perch, play or sleep on.