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Though it may seem relaxing, a sedentary lifestyle is equally as dangerous for your bird as it is for you. In fact, inactivity often weakens muscles, decreases blood circulation and respiratory capacity, and contributes to avian foot injuries. Inactive birds also often demonstrate abnormal behaviors, including self-mutilation, screaming, and feather picking. These behaviors occur in an attempt to combat the boredom that accompanies a non-active lifestyle.

Worse, sedentary birds are also susceptible to many of the same conditions and ailments as inactive humans. These include obesity, heart disease, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, kidney disease, arthritis, hardened arteries (that often lead to heart attacks and strokes), and other potentially deadly conditions.

Therefore, in order to  promote activity with your bird is to offer him inexpensive and hassle-free toys and accessories. Toys provide exercise, mental stimulation, and relief from boredom. Many behavioral and health problems stem from a bird not receiving enough stimulation. Your bird will spend most of his day, when you're not around, playing with his toys. Sound toys tempt vocal play and encourage your bird to sing. Chew and shred toys help satisfy your bird's instincts to forage and play.

For Small Birds For Medium Birds For Large Birds
Toys for small birds such as Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Conures and other similar sized birds. more info
Toys for medium birds such as Caiques, larger Conures, Ringnecks, Greys, Eclectus and other similar sized birds. more info
Toys for large birds such as Amazons, Macaws, Cockatoos and other similar sized birds. more info
Foraging Toys Foot Toys Others
Most wild parrots generally spend between 6 and 18 hours per day foraging for food. more info
Foot toys are an essential part of your bird's daily routine. Busy feet are happy feet! more info
Variety of munchies and other toys to arouse the curiosity in your parrot and keep them entertained! more info