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Super Bird Creations Hunky Dory
Super Bird Creations Hunky Dory

Chunky, chewable toy pieces dish out long-lasting fun to please even pugnacious parrots. Hunky Dory keeps bird beaks busy with a chewing challenge of varied textures. A colorful mix of wood blocks, plastic gears, leather strips, and beads PLUS a large paper core bagel delight heavy chewers with rewarding activity. Keep your inquisitive bird mentally and physically fit with this exciting toy.

Measures 11" wide x 13" long (15" long with hanger). Recommended for Conure to Amazon-size birds.
From : S$39.80

Product Code: SBCHD

Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chew.
Product Description
  • Chunky bird toy gives your caged bird a robust beak workout. Large toy pieces of varied textures offer birds long-lasting fun. Curtail cage boredom with engaging play activities for birds.

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