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Nekton MSA
Nekton MSA

Nekton-MSA provides the metabolism and the bones with the necessary minerals and amino acids, helps prevent rickets, activates metabolisms, and is an aid against calcium deficiencies. Recommended for use on breeding parrots to provide greater supply of mineral elements than usual when breeding. It also provides sufficient provision of essential macro and microelements for the embryos.
Nekton-MSA is not soluble in water. It should be added to soft water or mixed with bird grit.
*Because of this supplement's higher content of Vitamin D and trace elements than in complete feed, it may only be added to 10% of your parrot's daily ration.

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A mineral supplement containing Vitamin D3, Trace Elements, Amino Acids, Calcium and Phosphate.
Product Description
  • Macro-elements such as calcium and phosphorus are extremely important for the general growth and bone structure of animals, but most species utilize them in conjunction with vitamin D3, which acts as a regulating vitamin. Micro or trace elements are required to build up the different tissues and for maintaining enzyme, digestive, and hormone systems. Vitamin D3 regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and causes them to build in the bones. It cannot replace a lack of calcium and phosphorus, however, but it does aid the absorption of these minerals in the intestines. Just as a lack of calcium and/or phosphorous leads to rickets, so does a suboptimal intake of vitamin D3. Rickets is a disturbance in bone growth due to a lack or deficiency of the above macro-elements and can occur in both young and adult animals. Rickets causes retarded growth in animals. Birds suffering from this disease have a rough, dull plumage, are apathetic, and show slight signs of paralysis at the beginning, which rapidly progresses to the so-called "shaking paralysis". In the later stages of this disease the animal suffers from bandy legs, but it usually dies of general debility long before it reaches the stage of bone deformation.

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