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Harrison's Pepper Lifetime (Coarse)
Harrison's Pepper Lifetime (Coarse)

Fiery spicy version of the Harrison's Adult Lifetime Coarse Bird Food. Ideal for Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Macaws and other similar sized birds.

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Description Ingredients
A Certified Organic Maintenance Level Nutrient Formula for Medium to Large Parrots
Product Description
    • Pepper Lifetime formula may be offered after a bird has completed a dietary program of a High Potency formula for a period of 6 months.
    • This year-round maintenance formula meets the nutritional requirements for healthy, non-breeding, non-molting birds including Pionus, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws and other medium to large parrots.
    • A spicy alternative to Adult Lifetime Coarse Formula.
    • May be added to High Potency to assist in diet conversion.
    • May be offered to birds with clinical signs of papillomatosis.
    • May be used as a foraging treat.

    It is not recommended to supplement with vitamins or other bird or animal food products. Supplementation should be limited to no more than 10% of the overall diet. Offer certified organic vegetables and fruits in small quantities; select dark yellow meaty or dark green leafy items such as sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, winter squash, broccoli, parsley, spinach, mango or papaya.

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