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Fun-Max Birdy Plunk Foraging
Fun-Max Birdy Plunk Foraging

An educational and foraging toy for parrots that is made from acrylic and it is also washable. Place your bird's favorite treat inside the chamber at the top and watch as your bird learns to maneuver the levers to get the treat to the bottom of the chamber.
Video illustration below.

Small : $25.60 (need to pre-order)
Measures 2" wide x 6" long. Suggested for Conures, Quakers, mini Cockatoos, mini Macaws and other similar sized birds.

Large : $50.70
Measures 2" wide x 12" long. Suggested for Greys, Amazons and other similar sized birds.

From : S$25.60

Product Code: FMBPF


Put a special treat inside the cylinder and watch your bird learn the trick to get it out.
Product Description
  • Pull back all tabs to retrieve birdie treats at bottom opening. Made from acrylic.

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