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Bird Kabob Yucca Parrot Chips
Bird Kabob Yucca Parrot Chips

Wesco Bird Kabob Yucca Parrot Chips Bird Toy Parts help prevent feather picking by breaking your bird's boredom. This terrific bird toy is great as a foot toy or can be used as toy parts and provides shredding and chewing activities. All natural yucca allows unlimited hours of shredding fun.

Comes in a 4.8oz bag. Each chip measures up to 3" in diameter and 0.75" in thickness.
Suitable for parrots of all sizes.

From : S$19.90

Product Code: BKYCP

100% natural yucca pieces great for homemade bird toys.
Product Description
  • Interacting with your bird is every bit as important as providing an interesting environment. The secret to keeping your bird happy is the frequency of attention, not the duration. A few minutes of attention several times daily works wonders to relieve stress. Mental growth comes from engaging in a variety of life experiences. Experiment to discover the types of toys your bird finds the most interesting and challenging. Keep in mind that no matter which toys you provide, and regardless of how intriguing, your bird will eventually tire of them. It is important not to place too many toys in the cage at once, which may over-stimulate your bird and cause stress. It's better to choose a select few and to rotate them every few days.

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