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Super Bird Creations Finger Traps Super Bird Creations Vine Stars Planet Pleasures Woven Foot Toy - Diamond
For Small to Medium birds' chewing pleasure! Prevents boredom by satisfying their instinctual desire to chew. Skillfully hand-woven all natural products with your bird in mind.
JW Hol-ee Roller Super Bird Creation Munch Balls - 4cm Super Bird Creations Birdie Balls
JW Hol-ee Roller
From : S$8.80
A great foraging toy hung on a chain! Stuff with paper, non-perishable treats, wood. Set of 4 Birdie Balls features a bell inside to arouse your parrot throughout the day!
Super Bird Creations Crocs Super Bird Creations Sneakers
Cute little colorful rubber shoes for your parrots' entertainment! Pet birds will be entertained chewing or unlacing the sneaker toy.