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Petscape Birdie Bagel JW Hol-ee Roller Nature's Instinct Silly Saucer
JW Hol-ee Roller
From : S$8.80
A great foraging toy hung on a chain! Stuff with paper, non-perishable treats, wood. The captivating sights, sounds, and colorful shapes of Rhythmwise toys will encourage any bird to dance to the beat of his own drum.
Super Bird Creations Cow Bell PP Shredders Rainbow Wesco Bird Kabob
PP Shredders Rainbow
From : S$14.80
Wesco Bird Kabob
From : S$17.90
Keep your parrot entertained for hours! This unique all natural and earth-friendly product made of woven palm leaves is the perfect shreddable toy for all birds. Satisfies the instinctual need to chew.
Paradise Toys Stainless Steel Chime Bell JW Insight Bird Bath PQ Talking Babble Ball - Small
JW Insight Bird Bath
From : S$18.90
Tubular bell for Parrots made from durable stainless steel. Convenient and easy to install. Fits small and medium cages. The Babble Balls are interactive toys that talk or make exciting animal sounds when touched.
Bird Kabob Yucca Parrot Chips Fun-Max The Teacher Nature's Instinct Rain Stick
Fun-Max The Teacher
From : S$29.50
100% natural yucca pieces great for homemade bird toys. An awesome educational and interactive bird toy to keep your bird entertained for hours while learning! Stimulate your bird's senses with the Rainstick's dazzling colors and sounds!
Fun Max Colored Cotton Net
Enrichment for any bird room or designated out-of-cage play area.