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Parrots are not only beautiful birds, they are also very intelligent. That intelligence makes them easily susceptible to boredom and behavioral problems stemming from boredom and frustration, like feather picking. If you don't want to end up with a frustrated, bored and bald parrot, you must keep your parrot supplied with toys to occupy him and stimulate his brain.
Parrots will destroy the toys you buy for them, this destructive behavior is healthy for a parrot and does not indicate any emotional issues.
Many birds have different play styles. Some will destroy things quickly; others prefer to "beat up" their toys. Still others like to make noise with their toys. Try a variety of things to discover what your parrot likes. Almost all large parrots need toys they can chew and destroy. Many species are natural chewers in the wild using such talents to carve out nests. Those energies must be channeled in the home environment. Failure to do so simply means the bird will find other outlets for pent up needs even if inappropriate.
Toys will keep your parrot emotionally and physically fit, plus ward behavioral problems that would stem from boredom and frustration.

Recommended for medium birds such as Caiques, larger Conures, Ringnecks, Greys, Eclectus and other similar sized birds.
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Super Bird Creation Arch Super Bird Creation Double Arch Super Bird Creation Spin Tower
Multicolored soft blocks and heart shaped beads connected together by a piece of bendable metal with bells on both ends. Multicolored soft blocks and heart shaped beads connected together by a piece of bendable metal with bells on all 4 ends. Made of plastic stars, plastic gear pieces, ABC wood blocks, acrylic pacifiers, plastic chain links and a bell.
Super Bird Creation Katy's ABC Tower Super Bird Creations Firecracker Jr Super Bird Creation Woodpile
Made of thick, durable cotton rope and colored non-toxic wooden blocks. Made from seagrass, palm fiber, leather, wood and paper donuts. Stuffed with colorful crinkle paper inside to pull out and play. Stacks of colorful wooden blocks encourage healthy chewing behaviors!
Super Bird Creation's Rainbow Bridge Jr Super Bird Creation's Diamond Delight Super Bird Creation Stoplight
A kiss on the beak may be quite continental, but diamonds are a bird's best friend! Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chew.
Super Bird Creation Binky Mobile Super Bird Creation Katy's ABC Jr Super Bird Creation Dancing Spools
A birdie mobile made from birdie bagels, pacifiers, acrylic beads and disks and wood rectangles. Many pine slats, mini ABC Blocks and colorful wooden balls. This toy is made of colorful wooden spools which are connected to wooden slats with 100% natural cotton rope.
Super Bird Creation Buzbee Planet Pleasures Bird Tower Medium Paradise Toys' Sisal Bamboo Toy Medium
A cute wood bee decorated with rows upon rows of balsa wood slats. Prevents boredom by providing birds with swinging, shredding, chewing, foraging, climbing activities. Made of tough bamboo, sisal rope and coconut chips.
Paradise Toys' Fireball Paradise Toys Rainbow Criss Cross Paradise Toys' Sisal Bamboo Small
Paradise Toys Galaxy Paradise Toys Vineyard Medium Paradise Toys' Crunch and Find
Paradise Toys Galaxy
From : S$19.90
Vine munch balls and wooden blocks. Woven baskets held together by vegetable tanned leather strip, with a munch ball, wooden bead and a smiley face ball on top.
Paradise Toys' Multi Crunch Super Bird Creations Foraging Pouch Wesco Bird Kabob Ole
Wesco Bird Kabob Ole
From : S$18.80
Brightly colored munch balls with hidden goodies inside hanging from a woven basket for foraging pleasure. Refillable foraging toy entertains with paper shreds or add your own treats. Natural sisal with built-in hanging toys on either side. Stands up to tough chewing & climbing Yucca stalk for chewing.
Planet Pleasures Nature Cluster Medium Super Bird Creation Starburst Planet Pleasures Pinata Spiked
Stacks of coconut shell, husk, bamboo, cuttlebone, vege-leather and oyster shells give them plenty to chew, explore and enjoy. A fantastic destruction parrot toy for the small birds with a darling little woven vine star and little wicker balls. After the bird chews through the crunchy, hand-woven, natural palm leaf outer layer, they reach a variety of full natural fibers all attached to a central rope.
Super Bird Creations Activity Wall Super Bird Creations Triple Decker Planet Pleasures Butterfly Small
Vine chain, cotton shoelace, paper donuts, and plastic toy pieces on a seagrass activity wall. Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chew. Coconut husks and fibers for your bird to chew on!